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Automation tools to build a successful online business

Automation tools to build a successful online business


Launch your funnel by using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Easy to configure with a few clicks.

You can immediately get an answer to the question of how many subscribers and sales each step of your funnel and each source of traffic has brought.

Premade high

More than 50 premade templates of subscription pages, webinar pages, selling pages, payment pages, and training pages.

Page Builder

A simple visual designer where you can easily assemble a page from pre-made sections or elements without the help of a developer.


With mobile page design optimization, you can be sure that your landing page will be conveniently viewed on tablets and mobile devices.

blocks for live broadcasts

Display and edit call to action buttons during a live broadcast without reloading the page. Any element of the visual page builder can be made interactive: buttons and order forms, comments, messages to customers.


Repeat the recorded webinars for new viewers automatically. Before the start of the broadcast, each viewer sees the individual countdown, and then gets on the webinar page, which completely simulates the live broadcast.

You can set up prepared replicas of the chat participants, or place a social comment code for real-time communication, as well as pre-set the time for the appearance of a call to action button or a form for ordering a special offer.

Tool & ChatBots

Plan a sequence of actions to automate the processes in your business. You can set tasks for employees, send email newsletters, customize the chatbot responses and segment contacts in a simple visual action editor.


Send a one-time email to selected recipient segments or schedule an automatic series of email messages for new contacts.

You can always customize the mailing in such a way that the products already purchased will never be offered to a customer a second time.

Segmentation by activity will allow you to send a mailing only to those who have read or not read past letters, and also clicked or did not follow the link of your proposal.

Accept Payment via Stripe or PayPal. Automatic VAT calculation 

You can create an unlimited number of products with one-time payment, installment payment via several payments, or recurring subscriptions.

Creating attractive and responsive secure order forms takes a couple of clicks. No technical integration is needed-- everything has been done for you!

​JustClick is integrated with the Stripe and PayPal payment system, which means that you can invoice in several currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, HKD, SGD).

Sales Pipelines is fully customizable

Create tasks for managers for personal work with contacts; JustClick will save for you the entire history of communication with each potential client. Managers see a detailed contact card in which they can assign tags to the customer for segmentation, or fill in additional fields with relevant information.

Course Catalog
for Your Students

Create your own catalog of courses for your students under your own brand and with your own design. You can post both free courses and paid online trainings consisting of several modules of lessons with sequential content delivery.


Open lessons one-by-one, or on a certain date on a schedule. Pick whether it is mandatory to check homework for the course. Choose whether to open access to the first modules as a test drive. It's up to you to decide now!


Create a survey of several blocks or pages of questions. Depending on the selected answers, you can automatically segment contacts into target groups.


Connect partners: bloggers, opinion leaders, webmasters, coaches and experts to promote your business and attract new customers for a fixed percentage of sales.

You can select “Last Click Wins” or “First Click Wins” or “First Registration Wins” method of awarding affiliate commissions. You can also pay or not to pay a commission to partner for those customers who are attracted by retargeting.

2,000+ Apps
via Zapier

Zapier allows you to instantly connect JustClick with 2,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

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